IPTV Installation Guide for


Flix IPTV Offers a 7-day free trial to test. Then you have to pay a yearly subscription in order to work. Flix IPTV Activation can be done on the website

via this link

In this tutorial, we will show you How to install and configure an IPTV subscription on FLIX IPTV

1- After installing the application, launch it to display their mac address on their interface.

If you did not write down their mac address, you can do so by going to the left menu, navigating to Settings,

and in the next menu, scroll down to User Account,

and you will then get your device’s MAC address.

2- Go to the link: https://flixiptv.eu/mylist

3- Fill in the required information, the mac address, and your m3u link( Send automatically after purchase in your confirmation mail) and click Send.

4- The last step is to restart the application or refresh the list on Settings > Change Playlist. A window will appear asking you to reload the list, click “OK”.


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